New Holland-Middletown Learning Plan
New Holland Middletown District 88 will hold a public hearing on October 21, 2020 at 6:50 in the NHM Library.  New Holland Middletown District #88 is requesting a waiver of the School Code Section 17-1.5 for the fiscal year 2021 Limitation of Administrative Costs.  The district's FY 2021 budgeted administrative costs exceed the FY 2020 actual administrative costs by 10%.
The district employed a new superintendent for the FY 20-21 school year.  The previous FY19-20 superintendent did not receive health insurance. The district employed a new superintendent at a salary comparable to the full time superintendent at $94,000, however, the newly hired FY 20-21 superintendent receives the health insurance plan and TRS benefits for a total of $111,554.13 for salary.  This resulted in additional budgeted administrative expenditures of $8,257 in FY21. The change in benefits caused the district to exceed the statutory allowable 5% increase.  Without this additional cost, New Holland Middletown District 88 would have been in compliance with the FY21 Admin Costs. The hearing will allow for public comments regarding the Admin Cost Cap Limitation.


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